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Mobile Corporate Massage --- Office & Events Massage

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  • Mobile Massages are provide for corporate clients all over the Czech Republic.
  • Can be done on both occasional or regular basis.
  • One or more therapists can be arranged.
  • Wide range of chair and table treatments available.

benefits of Mobile Massages

  • health problems prevention
  • nice gift to your clients
  • reward to your employee

Mobile services provided

Chair Massage

Chair Massage is an excelent solution for the bussy office or events environment. It's being provided on foldable massage chair, requires minimum space & clients don't need to undress.

Table Treatments

Deeper and usually even more relaxing treatments can be provided on massage table.

Pleasant, warm and quiet room with sufficient ventilation (ideally window) is necessary. Access to the bathroom is recommended.

Automassage & Stretching Training Programe

30 minutes lessons provided in your venue. Enjoyable and easy to learn exercises to release stress and tension. Specially prepared for "office people" as a health problem prevention.

It's tailored to your space and your needs. No need of special equipment. Can work alongside your daily routine. Can be used as a soft teambuilding activity.

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