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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (or Lymphatic Massage) is gentle massage which encourages lymph flow in our body. Uses very light rhythmic circular (pumping) movements. It supports the Lymphatic System, which carries waste products away from the tissues ... cleans them.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is excellent for detoxification, edema and cellulite treatments and venous problems prevention. It supports the body's immune system and helps the body to recover from surgery. And ... it is very relaxing treatment.

Lymphatic Massage can be used as full body treatment (2 hours) or can be aimed to some specific parts of our body, typically arms or legs or head (60 minutes).

What is Lymphatic System

The lymph system is a slow-moving system of vessels and lymph nodes located directly beneath the skin. It is supplementary to the blood circulation system. Delivers nutrients to the cells and carries away excess water, cellular waste, bacteria, viruses and toxins.

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